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Fraternity Lineage

Spring 2019

#1 MasterMind
Summer 2019

#2 inTrospekTion
Power P.L.A.E.
Winter 2021
#2 FinEssE
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B.L.U.E.S. Brothas
Summer 2021

#1 rEDEmpTion

The reason I joined Beta Alpha Delta Fraternity Inc. is because I was looking for something. I was looking for a sense of belonging. Growing up it was tough and rough. As I got older I tried up change who I was up for in with others and after a while it got played out. I started living for myself and being true to myself. In B.A.D I found my place, I found the place where I can be myself and I’m not judged or feeling like I’m being out in a box. I have NO regrets on the family and brotherhood they found me.

B.L.U.E.S. Brothas
Summer 2021

#2 sincErE

For me being part of BETA is bigger than each one of us individually, but all of us together form something unexplainable. From lending a helping hand in our communities to trying to make a difference in the world there’s nowhere else I’d rather be while doing these things. To find somewhere I was accepted for me and they had the same vision as I did is amazing and I wouldn’t want to call anyone else my BROTHAS.

KinetiK Energy
Spring 2022

#1 kommoDiTy

I Joined BAD because…

For me, it’s the great sense of camaraderie. That feeling of having a family outside of blood relations is one of the greatest feelings. That’s why I joined. I am prior military and was use to always feeling like I had someone to call or visit if I just needed to talk or have a “getaway” from day to day stresses. When I got out of the military, I began feeling like I was missing that. When I found Beta Alpha Delta, I felt like I found that again. I am and will always be my Brothas keeper!

KinetiK Energy
Spring 2022
#2 kommoTion

 I initially joined Beta Alpha Delta for networking purposes but in a very short time found a Family I never had and also didn’t even know I wanted but I definitely needed. I love helping others that are less fortunate than myself and really making a difference in the community. Beta has given me a place and guidance to do just that. This Fraternity  has really pushed me to new heights and I’m so proud to be a B.A.D Brotha for life!