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Meet the Leaders of the Pack

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.


Founder MAstErMinD

If I had one opportunity to tell the world what my greatest accomplishment in life was and how did I leave my mark on the world while staying true to myself, my values and living a life of purpose by MY terms? My answer would be Beta Alpha Delta. Life has a way of aligning things in a particular way and guiding you to a particular place where you are meant to flourish and make your mark. It has not always been an easy road with being an LGBTQ woman of color in today’s society with being stifled due to your appearance, your persona and your lifestyle. But today, I come to tell you that either you can accept the position that others place upon you or where they’ve placed you in their lives – or you can choose to move past it and prove that your place in this world is just as essential as the next. Limitations imposed by others’ beliefs are difficult to overcome, but self-imposed limits are the world’s greatest challenges to overcome. You need to believe that not only can you be better than you were the day before, but you will be better. Before being a B.A.D. Brotha, the only role in life I accepted was the role that I created for myself. One of power, strength, growth and devotion to guide and support all individuals who are in the midst of developing a life-long commitment to themselves to be GREAT. Beta Alpha Delta Fraternity, Incorporated was established to burst through the boundaries of being complacent and accepting of anything less than our elevated selves. No path will be the same, no experience will be predicted, but the destination is one that many will call home wholeheartedly and unapologetically. Surround yourself with those that welcome who you are, your light and your darkness, and embark upon a life-changing experience that you can cultivate to be your own. The B.A.D. Brothas commit to the development of character, captivating leadership and engaging in service with our fellow brothas and sistas before all else.

Enter into The Wild, if you’re ready…


Co-Founder InTrospEkTion

When you do something good, that is considered ok. However, when you do something great, that's like carving stones, last lifetime and beyond. Being apart of Beta Alpha Delta Fraternity, Inc. is life changing for so many reasons: you serve to help make lives of those better, build a bond and brotherhood that lasts a lifetime, and change the stigma that has been placed in our LGBTQ world that masculine -identified women can come together and be a unified force. It takes LOYALTY, standing at your best being dedicated to each and every Brotha and in every life you impact. Show INTEGRITY standing firm in who you are, your purpose/ministry in life to know that you are here for a reason and have a purpose to fulfill. Know GROWTH is a wonderful thing when can see how far you have come along from who you were, to being open to learning, breaking through any and every obstacle that comes your way approaching life in a different mindset. Reach for your HAPPINESS being you freely and unapologetically living life in your full extent. Therefore, TRUST the process; just like myself, you were made and meant to do this! See you on the other side. 

 We strive to lead with intention and purpose.
A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.


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